What is Azure Table storage? | Azure Interview Question | Azure Programmer Guide

Azure Table storage is a key/value database. Each value is called an entity (similar to a row,
identified by a partition key and row key) and contains multiple properties (similar to columns,
but not all entities in a table have to share the same columns). Querying on columns other than
the key is extremely inefficient and should be avoided. For example, you can store user profile
data, with one partition storing information about a single user. You could store data such as
user name, password hash, birth date, and so forth, in separate properties of one entity or in
separate entities in the same partition. But you wouldn't want to query for all users with a given
range of birth dates, and you can't execute a join query between your profile table and another
table. Table storage is more scalable and less expensive than a relational database, but it
doesn't enable complex queries or joins.

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